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New energy-neutral building for the city’s operational services in Havanastraat commissioned by AG Vespa.

A new, energy-neutral, facility on the Havana site in the north of Antwerp will be built to centralise a large part of the city’s operational services. AG Vespa set out to find the best partner to realise this project – ‘Technical Cluster North’. The team Cordeel – Van Roey – BINST ARCHITECTS – AAVO architects proved to be the most favourable candidate. If everything goes smoothly, works will start in the spring of 2025 and the building will be completed in the summer of 2027. More than 1500 logistics operatives of the city of Antwerp maintain parks, roads and buildings, support numerous events and collect domestic waste every day. They ensure that the city is and remains a pleasant, attractive living environment for all residents and visitors. To guarantee high-quality services, the city will centralise a large part of these operational services. This will involve one large site in the north of the city, and a second in the south at a location yet to be determined.

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HAPPY 2022

We wish everyone happy holidays, beautiful moments and a great start to a healthy 2022!
The offices of Binst Architects are closed from Friday 24 December to Sunday 9 January. Our team will be glad to be back on site from Monday 10 January 2022.

Project visit Renson Outdoor

The brand-new Renson Outdoor branch will be completed by the end of this year and will employ 250 people within five years. But for NAV-members, the family business likes to open its doors a bit earlier during a behind-the-scenes project visit on 16 September.

The new branch in Kruisem covers a total area of 10ha and will focus on Renson Outdoor solutions with the NOA showroom outside. During the tour, different floors of the site are visited and at each stop a certain aspect of the building’s architecture is explained. The philosophy and techniques used are also discussed, such as the focus on geothermal energy using a large BEO field and cooling/heating via concrete core activation.

The architect of the project, Binst Architects, will also be present during the presentation and visit.

‘Cityzen – Brussels’ Competition Winner!

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION – 62 100 m² Redevelopment of the renowned Center Monnaie Brussels offices, hotels and apartments in collaboration with Snøhetta commissioned by Immobel and Whitewood.

In September 2019, IMMOBEL, WHITEWOOD and DW Partners launched an international architecture competition together with the Brussels’ Maître Architecte (BMA) to redevelop the 62,000 m² building above ‘The Mint’ shopping centre. The partners of this thorough urban renovation (no new construction) want to transform the building into a mixed residential, office and hotel complex by 2024. The assignment consisted of giving the building an architectural interpretation that matches the central location of the project within the capital. It is also the intention to open up the current closed character of the pedestal allowing it to communicate with its immediate surroundings.
Five international teams of architects (two of them Belgian participants) were selected from more than 50 entries. Out of the various projects, all excellent, the jury chose the design of the Norwegian firm Snøhetta and the Belgian firm Binst Architects. The winning design distinguishes itself through respect for the architectural value of the existing building and its integration into the urban context. For the execution of the project, Snøhetta and Binst Architects will be assisted by the Brussels architectural offices DDS and ADE.

The jury was composed of representatives of the Brussels-Capital Region, the City of Brussels, the Brussels Master Builder, Immobel and Whitewood.

(More photos & short description of the concept by the jury)

COVID-19 message

Binst Architects guarantees maximum continuity in its workflow thanks to the rewarding opportunities of teleworking.
For example, all our project teams and those in charge are now in permanent communication with each other via videoconferencing and stand-by for all necessary consultation moments with clients, engineering firms, contractors and third parties.  
Let us seize this inconceivable period to communicate and meet remotely in an even more efficient way in the future.
With the technology on our side, as partners, we can obtain a win-win situation. Feel free to contact us if you would like to coordinate our and your methods even more optimally.
We continue to support all our ongoing construction sites in close dialogue with our clients and all the contractors involved, in compliance with strict health and safety regulations.

2019 is almost over!

We wish everyone happy holidays, beautiful moments and a great start to 2020! Our team is again present from Monday January 6, 2020. “

About last weekend…

BUS ’19 = Binst Architects Team Day. There’s no architecture without people!

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New website BINST ARCHITECTS online!

Not without pride we present you our new website entirely in line with our renewed artistic house style that you could now infer from our recent office address, our half-yearly magazine B and our other media channels.

With the selection of a hundred projects, we show you the diversity of a current and multidisciplinary architectural firm with attention to a high-quality approach and a wide variety and individuality in signature. A new website as the dynamic heart of Binst Architects where a team of 50 co-thinkers are strongly committed to supporting our ambitions on a daily basis.

‘VC House’ – Humbeek

Sculptural new-build house for the VC family. (completed: 330 m²)

With the annual realization of a few houses, Binst Architects is building on a vocabulary of sculptural diversity and a sensing individuality of contemporary living. In this way every private new construction contract is approached broadly and the site is triggered designally to conceptual statements. This design intends to present itself as a very sleek pavilion concept, a black box that presents itself as a classy interpretation, as a literal mirror of the Belgian banality of the street. This glass house packs a half-underground sleeping floor and an above-ground living floor as a living scene on the vast landscape. This floating front head embraces the carport and reinforces the idea of ​​a functional separation and layered structure. To create a “black box”, the opaque façade sections are finished in black lacquered glass and the transparent façade sections are fitted with black fumed glazing.

Passive offices in Etterbeek

Renovation of an office building into passive offices at the foot of the Cinquantenaire on behalf of AG Real Estate. (completed 11,400m²)

In 2013, we won this important Brussels architecture competition that at the time focused on passive office building. The client left the designers free to choose a concept with demolition and new construction or renovation. Our concept – which resolutely opts for reconversion – provides an appropriate answer to the shortcomings of the existing office building. This both on an energetic and functional level. Maintaining the concrete skeleton is cost-effective, reduces waste production and shortens the site time! The new modular façade is set back in relation to the original front surface, creating a very interesting depth effect in terms of image value. This also ensures efficient structural sun protection. The 2 corners are filled in along the southeast side to create a more coherent whole. The added open corners make the building more pleasant and readable. This project was delivered very recently.

‘’t Brughuis’ Vilvoorde

Newly built apartments, commercial spaces and parking garage commissioned by Matexi. (yard started: 33,100m²)

‘T Brughuis is literally the cornerstone of the grand new development of Vilvoorde. With “4 fountains” or the Vilvoorde of tomorrow, Matexi opts for an ambitious mix of architectures, a wide range of housing options and a great deal of attention to the high-quality living around the Senne and the Brussels-Willebroek canal. Within the contours of the master plan by Lieven Achtergael, Binst Architects is currently building one of the largest neighborhood volumes as a block of 124 various apartments on a 4,400 m2 retail plinth and two underground parking spaces of 365 PP. Divided into 4 quasi-similar, tight volumes, the living units become suitable as connectable entities behind a rigid façade grid in a very light-looking, warm and timeless architecture. With two intermediate roof gardens on the public-oriented functions, we launch the idea of ​​a green base as a viewing garden to the apartments that articulate the area with spacious, funky terraces on the facades.

“Albertbuilding Residence” Berchem

Re-use office building to 77 apartments with fitness and commercial spaces commissioned by DCA & Kolmont. (environmental permit: 19,260 m²)

The former telephone factory ATEA in Berchem between Belpairestraat and Boomgaardstraat will undergo a complete transformation in 2020. The disturbing outbuildings make way for a refreshing new building and the factory is fully redeveloped into an effervescent mix of functions; the existing supermarket and the fitness studio remain in their familiar place and are reinforced with additional shops and 77 apartments within the rough character of the industrial heritage. The non-original joinery in the existing factory façade will be replaced by new joinery with the same subdivision as the original joinery. Lockable winter gardens are created behind this original façade as outdoor space for the apartments. The optopping builds further on the facade architecture of the existing factory building. This redevelopment of the industrial site should give the new residents of Berchem a trendy New York feel!

‘Hotel Radisson Blu’ Bruges

Binst Architects designed the multifunctional complex
commissioned by of Group GL including the full interior of the **** hotel Radisson Blu. (licensed and delivered hotel: 6,200m² project: 24,000m²)

The recent realization of this hotel is part of a major development on the station area of ​​Bruges. The project is designed as a valuable sculptural addition to the parking boulevard and has an identity that belongs to the functions. A fresh and inviting appearance for the hotel of 106 rooms + 3 suites and a light openness for the offices behind are all combined in a beautifully elegant grid facade in light concrete. A white crocheted pattern that marks the hotel as a voile or interpretation from the Bruges side. This building is the new flagship of Belgium for the Carlson Rezidor group.

‘Komet site’ Mechelen

Binst Architects, together with Areal Architects, is designing a new sustainable and green residential area near the center of Mechelen commissioned by developer Revive NV. (phase building application: 16,500m²)

The new-build project “KOMET” is the positive lever for the adjacent neighborhood on one of the nicest living spaces of tomorrow near the city center with sustainable starting points, car-free park gardens and water views! Phase 1 consists of 6 building blocks with a qualitative mix of 128 residential units, 1,745 m² of commercial space, offices, catering and services, 2 underground parking garages, and collective bicycle parking. In addition to the mixed-use head building on the Vesten, we also designed the luxury waterfront apartments, an intermediary link to assisted living apartments and a series of ground-level homes to complete the building block. All suitable and connected as a fascinating gabarit and ribbon of various architectures based on the idea of ​​a current urban architecture.

“Residence Initium” at Plantin and Moretuslei.

Binst Architect builds co-housing starter apartments in combination with a hotel in Antwerp instead of developer CANDOR. (14,000m²)

On the more than 30 years of wasteland on the well-known 5-jump intersection on the Plantin and Moretuslei, the site will fill this year with a stepped zigzag sculpture as an articulated living grandstand to the neighborhood. The mix of apartments mainly focuses on affordable housing for starters. Additional experience spaces form the basis of a strong living experience; a collective garden with relaxation zone, as well as a fitness, a laundry room and commercial plinth. The facades have a characteristic sawtooth pattern. The corner is accentuated by an optopping of 10 storeys, which is architecturally worked out as a crown. In line with the (protected) city views in sandstone around the project, an elaboration of sustainable façade materials in a light shade was chosen. Adjacent, we provide an extended stay budget hotel of 64 rooms in a manifest grid!

Crepain Binst Architecture becomes BINST ARCHITECTS

With great enthusiasm we inform you of our new name and new office location. 10 years after the early takeover of the office Crepain Binst Architecture we are from 15.10.18 BINST ARCHITECTS.

Over the past 2 years we have worked hard on optimizing our office with associated facilities at Het Zuid in Luikstraat 7 in 2000 Antwerp.
At this centrally located location between the Schelde quays and the Gedempte Zuiderdokken, we are doubling our surface area and there is also room for extra B concepts:
B 7 venue concept at -1
B brand our own design subbrand
B scene room for art (Hoek Luikstraat 1 – Cockerillkaai 31)

Within BINST ARCHITECTS, the corporate structure remains unchanged, as do the management, senior architects, main project leaders, junior architects, trainees and overhead employees.

I personally want to thank my team for the support during the past months to take this new step and especially our clients for the confidence in our team.

Yours sincerely

Luc Binst

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