WATER TOWER Brasschaat

WATER TOWER Brasschaat

  • Description:
    Reconversion of a water tower to a private housing
  • Client:
    Landscape architect Moereels
  • Location:
  • Project Manager:
    Dirk Engelen

The existing water tower stood on the grounds of the manor of Brasschaat and was erected in order to provide the main house and service buildings with running water. The tower was one of the first buildings made in concrete and continued to be in use up until 1937, when four new water towers were built within the commune of Brasschaat and a completely new water supply system was put in. The water company showed no real interest in the tower due to its totally outdated technique and construction methods.

In 1950 the municipality acquired the manor house and the surrounding grounds. The tower became neglected and was left to fall into ruins. Eventually, the council had to decide whether to tear it down or whether to sell it and give it a new purpose.

The simple concrete construction consisted of:

° a cylindrical water reservoir raised by 4 massive concrete pillars to a height of 23 m.  the cylinder itself is  about 4 m in height.

° square platforms measuring close to 4 x 4 m and placed between the vertical columns.

°  an underground filtering basin and reservoir.

The surrounding grounds bordering the woodland and covering about 680 m².

A meandering brook at the foot of the tower which separates the area from the surrounding woodlands