T BAR Lommel

T BAR Lommel

  • Description:
    Interior design of a lounge bar
  • Client:
    Gunter Lemmens
  • Location:
  • Project Manager:
    Olivier Caluwier
  • General Contractor:

The client aspired to set up a lounge bar in a unique setting located in the heart ofLommel,Belgiumand establish a clear link to the existing Garden Hotel / Garden Café. These basic principles led to the creation of the ‘Garden Lounge’.


Inside the bar the garden theme was strongly endorsed by very present natural elements: trees and timber walls. We attained spaciousness by opening up the floor plate on the first floor. To strengthen the interaction between in and outside we opted for a folding sash-window. This way the entire front can be opened on a hot summer day.



Each of the two levels had his own destination. On the ground floor we placed a monumental bar with an elegant organic form. At this level it’s important to emphasize the social contact. In the back there’s a small patio completely covered in mirrors. On the first floor visitors can settle themselves in an indulating lounge sofa. Around this long bench curtains provide the intimate atmosphere. The artists lodge in the back integrates the toilets and sink.



In 1845 during the excavation of the Kempen canal a type of white sand was discovered with very high quartz content. Quartz sand is ideal for the manufacturing of glass. With the construction of the ‘Glass House’ Lommel already displayed their talent in glass art.


The TBar embraces this link between history and future of Lommel. Wallcovering mirrors were placed around the entire ground floor. The roof was completely covered with opaque glass.