Smart White Living

Smart White Living

  • Description:
    Smart White Living - 5 façade house
  • Client:
    Familie M-G
  • Location:
  • Project Manager:
    Thomas Cornelis
  • Collaborators:
    Eva Lo - Wim Heyninck
  • Stability:
    Eddy Henskens
  • Engineering:
    Struktuur bvba
  • General Contractor:
    Moors nv

Affordably breaking with conventions and building in a limited time span. The plot where the project is situated lends itself to a pavilion typology thanks to its atypical shape.  The polygonal volume creates five facades with unique orientations whereby the residence pursues and reveals unexpected perspectives and angles.

The backbone that extends straight through the house and links the common areas is manifested by extending terraces and the vista across that links up the front with the backyard. To enable every family member to discreetly enjoy the house, the private areas are situated in opposite corners of the volume.

The combination of a polygonal volume with the choice for an architectural ‘white box’ gives the house a bright appearance with a positive interaction between the built and natural environment as a result.

(E-peil 50 / K-peil 32)