NOISE BARRIER HOUSES Goirle in association with Buro Lubbers

NOISE BARRIER HOUSES Goirle in association with Buro Lubbers

  • Description:
    Noise barrier houses alongside the A58 in the Netherlands
  • Client:
    Rabo Vastgoed bv
  • Location:
    Boschkens, NL 5050 AA Goirle
  • Project Manager:
    Tinus Roothans
  • Collaborators:
    Frederik De Smet

Boschkens Goirle has been realized between the A58 and the lush forests of Goirle. The fast and loud traffic of the highway are in stark contrast to the peace and quiet of the neighbouring woods. Thanks to a very special solution in the landscape the location is shielded soundproof from the highway. A 720m long residential wall stands as a knife in the landscape, creating a pleasant living environment for a new community with a view on a piece of untouched nature.

The sound wall forms the backbone of an alternating arrangement of housing types with different widths in facades, varying heights of terraces, houses that suddenly emerge from the row, … This provides a diverse and playful image with an emphasis on individuality.

In collaboration with Buro Lubbers, particular attention was spent on the sound barrier. Pine trees were placed in containers on tall pillars in such a fashion that the forest is carried across the noise barrier unto the highway.

The horizontal window strips in the acoustic wall were completed with LED lights and glow in the dark. A visual wink to a “silent” highway.