• Description:
    Green South Hoboken
  • Client:
    Cores Development
  • Location:
    Berkenrodelei 75, B-2660 Hoboken
  • Project Manager:
    Steven De Paepe, Ward Lagrain, Luc Reyn
  • Collaborators:
    Eva Lo, Stefan Schoonderbeek, Sebastien Delagrange, Christophe Van Dender
  • Stability:
    Concreet bvba
  • Engineering:
  • General Contractor:
    Vanhout nv

Green South is a residential development of 600 residential units on the old Scanfil site. The masterplan was drawn up by Binst Architects and STRAMIEN in 2008. The new development offers affordable living in a healthy mix of houses and apartments. The development provides 90 social homes (Woonhaven), 120 service flats for elderly across 4 residential towers (Zorgbedrijf Antwerp) and 390 single-family dwellings and apartments in sale and rent (Cores). Green South stretches a designed green hand to Hoboken.

All residents have balconies and gardens as private outdoor spaces. But the biggest quality is defined by the collective pedestrian areas between the buildings, the collective green inner gardens and the collective underground car parking for each block.  Three residential green Islands give shape to the concept of “Living Apart Together”.

The main objective was to create a new neighbourhood that visually integrates in the existing city. The landscape design of STRAMIEN consists of 7 green fingers that infiltrate the urban fabric from the new park. These fingers are alternately semi-public residential gardens and public pedestrian streets. The ragged edge of the site has been completed by closing the urban blocks. The central residential area has been opened by parallel housing ribbons. Every ribbon will consist of several housing types build next to each other to form a varied composition: high &  low + narrow & wide. The objective is to find a successful balance between unity and diversity. The new bicycle route will be accompanied by 4 head towers standing on the edge of the park. The new development has a balanced diversity of facades typical for the Flemish urban fabric. This in clear contrast with Dutch and German inspired new developments. A balanced combination of static architecture of META, functional architecture of STAM, sober architecture of BOB361 and the divers architecture of Binst Architects sometimes to complete, sometimes as a conscious accent. The result is a pleasant mix of more than thirty building facades brought together in a new living environment that naturally blends in her surroundings.

Architects: Binst Architects nv + Meta bvba – STAM architecten + BOB361

Phase 1 + 2 = built

Phase 3 = under construction

Phase 4 = start construction 2018